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Originally Posted by MRBRESK View Post
Haha closest thing would probably be a roll, and hey, i'm thinking very strongly about going to California and then travelling through South America in about 12 months, so i'd love to stop in at AKA for a few training sessions!
That would be pretty damn awesome. Youd be very welcomed and they will certainly let yah in and train with us especially if i say ur there with me. TBH they would let you train even if you just came on your own and said you were passing by. Im usually there in the morning for an hour to two depending on what classes im taking. I work nights so i dont get many chances to participate in night classes. A different guy teaches them so it would be nice to go to both. Maybe one day il have that luxury.

Only thing... You will be surprised how small AKA is. Its not fancy whats so ever lol. They made it better in the last year cause they added a room with weighs and stuff but before that it was literally just a boxing ring and maybe 10 yards of mats going both ways and part of that being the punching bags. (Best way i can describe it).
There is a new AKA they opened up and its 2 stories but iv only driven by it during work and never actually went inside. I hear its super nice though... And the new AKA facility actually has a Octagon. The one im at and i see all the pros around (usually when im getting ready to leave cause they close it down for them) they train in a boxing ring. A bit surprising huh?

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