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Originally Posted by BigRandy
Hmmmm well I'm an '07 baby, but I hope I'm not considered a tard. I'm a long winded SOB, but hopefully not a tard.

I also disagree that this forum is another sherdog. I checked out quite a few sites before choosing this one to post on. I didn't like sherdogs forum and I think saying the forum has turned into sherdog is really insulting to this forum. Granted I didn't see this forum before '07 but it is way better than sherdogs.

100 points in first month or there gone ... damn, please dont do that. I think I got 40 so far and Ive been here about a month, but I would kinnda like to stay if you don't mind. Ive only had 4 neg rep's so far and with as opinionated and long winded that I am that surprises me it's only been 4, and a couple of them were just BS. Jerks being jerks.

People here just to watch the vids ... I liked the board so much I paid the $10 bucks to become a lifetime member to help support the board. In fact, if you had the option, I would probably do it on a regular basis just to help keep the board going. But my point is, you should make people become a member to access vids. It would help to clear out the leaches and help bring in a couple bucks to help support the board.

Anyway I will close by reafirming that even tho I am an '07'er, I hope that I am not considered a tard by the real MMA fans that post here and that I am welcome to stay. I have made reference to it before that I can tell alot of people that post here are Johnny-Come-Lately's to MMA and didn't have a clue MMA exsisted before the TUF series. It is also clear that many of them don't realize that there is more to MMA than the UFC. However, I assure you, I am not one of them.

Enuff Said .... At least No One can disagree with me about my being Long Winded .... LOL
Wow, 200 posts in half a month lol.
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