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Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti in the cage for the night's main event. Condit with an early leg kick, and he's circling right. Two more come. Diaz hasn't started hs assault just yet. More leg kicks from Condit. They clinch briefly, but Diaz pulls away. Diaz walks Condit to the cage, and he continue to answer with leg kicks. Diaz controlling the center and closes the distance, but Condit escapes to the center. Condit misses on a high kick. Diaz is stalking, but Condit wisely pulling away from the cage. Diaz starting to mix in a few kicks. Chants for both fighters alternating in the building. Diaz does sneak in a left. Condit really working the legs. Condit misses spinning backfist. Diaz stats his taunts and brings the talk. Condit sticking to his gameplan for now. More leg kicks. Another spinning strike misses. Diaz crisp to the body and head. Final minute. Condit circling and moving. Diaz does land again. Diaz finishing strong in the first. Condit flurries in the end, and Diaz talks more. Close opening round. Diaz was moving forward, but Condit was landing more frequently. leans slightly toward Condit, 10-9.

Round 2 - Diaz opens better in the second, and he nearly grabs a leg early. Condit flashes a front kick and misses a punch up top. Another spinning strike for Condit, and he returns to the low kick. Diaz taunts and open-hand slaps Condit engaging but trying to remain controlled. Diaz stalking well. Condit trying to stick and move. Diaz finding a home for the straight halfway in. Diaz moves in with a nice combination, but Condit in answering and also drives to the body. Diaz gets his best flurry this far before Condit pulls away from the cage. Condit slipping and moving, and Diaz continues to try and bait him in. Condit kicks and punches the body. Diaz briefly tries a clinch. Condit misses another spinning strike. Round ends, and Mazzagatti has to pull Diaz away and to his corner. Action still tight, but gives it to Diaz, 10-9.

Round 3 - Diaz immediately in the center. He fakes a takedow as he stalks. Condit kicks the legs and digs the body. Diaz chasing and kicks the body. Condit answers with two kicks to the body and lands a combination. Diaz chases in and lands to the body and head, but Condit again pulls away and refuses to stay in the target area. Condit chops the legs. Condit sicks and moves and Diaz is the one chasing. Condit's sticking to his gameplan. Diaz lands a glancing high kick. Two minutes remain. Condit just short on a front kick. Crowd wants Diaz to open up. Diaz charging, but Condit is moving well and countering. Diaz talking. He wants a brawl, but Condit keeping it technical. High kick for Condit, then to the legs and body. Diaz works in a crisp left hand. Jump knee from Condit in the final minute. Condit flashing more spinning attacks and kicks the leg. Condit slips on a kick but slides back and gets up without taking damage. Best round for Condit so far, and gives it to him 10-9.

Round 4 - Condit again works his kicks and ducks and slips the Diaz attack. Diaz now starting to mix in kicks, and he again taunts, hoping to slow Condit down. Diaz briefly grabs a clinch, but Condit pulls away. Condit will not stay on the cage. He lands a front kick to the face. Diaz having trouble pinning Condit to the cage. He does get inside and looks for a takedown. Condit defends, pulls free and fires off a few punches. Halfway in. Diaz doesn't look tired, but he's not getting off his typical work load. More kicks from Condit, and they have to be adding up. Condit kicks the leg and lands a left up top. More solid work from Condit, including a high kick. Condit kicks again. Diaz catches it but can't capitalize. Condit chops the leg again. Side kick from Condit, and he moves way. Diaz catches a kick but can't do anything with it. Diaz again controlling the center, but Condit moving perfectly away. Round ends, and Diaz refuses to let go of Condit's foot. Condit gaining momentum, and gives him the round, 10-9. Could very well be even going into the final round, but has Condit up.

Round 5 - Condit opens with two straight punches over a low kick. Diaz still stalking, but he can't trap Condit. Diaz starts to kick to close the distance. Condit is fighting a technically sound fight and continues to escape and offer punches, kicks and knees. Diaz slips a spinning punch. Diaz short on two kicks. Condit with another low kick, and Diaz buckles. Punches and for Condit, and crowd erupts. Diaz moves into a clinch halfway in, but Condit simply pulls away. Diaz moves in but again meets stiff resistance. Technical masterpiece with time winding down. Missed punches, and Diaz slips the back. He drags Condit to the floor. Hooks are in. Condit battling the hands. Diaz gets a choke attempt in, but Condit pushes the arm away. Diaz secure with a body triangle. Final second. Diaz thinks armbar, but it's not there. Condit pulls free at the bell. Diaz embraces his foe at the end and then raises his hands. Another close round with the late back control, but sees it for Condit, 10-9, giving him the fight 49-46. Still, rounds one, two and five were tight, and nothing will surprise. Carlos Condit def. Nick Diaz via unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46) to become new interim welterweight champion.

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