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  1. Anderson Silva will KO/TKO Chael Sonnen within two rounds at the highest attended UFC event in history, a soccer stadium in Brazil. He will then announce his retirment.
  2. Lyoto Machida will drop to 185 and face someone like Leben, and win. Bisping will win his next fight in dramatic fashion setting up a Bisping/Machida fight for the vacated MW title (see number 1).
  3. Frankie Edgar and Jose Also will essentially switch places, either with gold or well on their way to it.
  4. Cain Velazquez will lose his first fight of the year against a top guy like Mir, Werdum, or Carwin... he will then win his second, and only other, fight of the year against a less established HW.
  5. Zuffa will purchase Bellator.
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