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Originally Posted by brownpimp88
I consider myself one of the older members of this forum, and I have seen it change a lot of the past year. Right after a PPV(kinda like right now), this forum will be loaded with crap, and I get into a lot of arguements with people who think they are MMA geniouses by searching shit on Sherdog and Wikipedia. Avoid those times, if you can, and these forums aren't that bad. I still miss the good ole times when we would have 20 page debates and virtually all of the posters had a clue about what was going on.
You're absolutely correct bp.

You wouldn't believe how many warnings, duplicate thread merges, and deleting of threads I have to do right before, and after big events. It's always the same routine.

You know, usually it's just new n00b-ish members, that sign up for the forum, and they're all fired up right after an event. That's when we get the most garbage threads.

It'll always be like that. Just hang in there...a couple days after events, you won't see 3/4 of them return anyway.

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