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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
What a cool thread. I had been ignoring it until I saw rusty post. That happens a lot. I stalk him.

I've enjoyed reading every post. I learned a little about you guys and played a little game with myself called where was I and what was I doing when you were born. Feel kind of old right now

I was born in 61 I remember a lot about the 60s but, I wasn't really a participant. I guess I would be a child of the 70s. The days of the Dallas cowboy Cheerleaders and Charlies Angels and Star Search and Star trek and KISS and arrowsmith....

I grew up in beach arcades, our games were pinball, Foosball and pool. CB radios were our social network.

i remember when atari came out but, we weren't impressed with pong and space invaders.

We didn't have X-box or Play Station or the internet.

We also didn't have AIDS or STD's or crack.

MDA was like Ecstasy only better and sex was safe.

Life was GOOD
I'd really want to experience the '70s. Your a lucky old man. I imagine your youth being like this: being the singer.

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