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It doesn't sound like I can tell you alot more that you haven't mentioned already. Neither of you had a great stand up game IMHO.

Here is what I saw from what I watched..
- you need to be on your toes, not flat footed
- slipping, bobbing, rolling and general head movement were non- existent.
- Related to the comment above, you need tons more head movement when against someone with that much reach on you
- You turned away from kicks rather than tightening you leg and "bumping" the kick. checking the kick is also an option.
- you need to throw something back in your stand up, even if it is a few jabs with no intention of them landing. Give your opponent something to look at or perceive a threat while you do something else..

I didn't watch the whole fight but it seems like you did a good job on top and your opponent was not able to do alot. Good job there.

In summary, focus on kickboxing techniques for at least 6 months before your next fight, and probably a year after that. Your opponent was wide open for any number of body or head shot KO's.

Hope this helps. All my respect for stepping up!!
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