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Originally Posted by heroicwolf View Post
I have a training partner who has the obnoxious habit of grabbing my wrists and pinning them to the floor whenever he's in my guard. He seems content to just nullify me and do nothing else. I can momentarily peel his hands off by opening my guard and bringing my knees up. But I'm not really able to do anything significant in the brief lapse that follows and we just end up in the same position again. Ideally I'd like to break his posture down by grabbing the back of his head, pulling him down, and then going for a kimura,elevator sweep,or guillotine. Any ideas?
I wonder if we had the same training partner...lolz! It's funny because when that happens you're thinking, " what." Remember this if he has your wrists pinned down you legs are mobile. I'd set up the triangle, omoplata, or simply stick my knee, shin, or feet in his face...he'll let go. I found the most success guilotining bigger guys...going for the kimura then wrapping my opposite arm around their necks in one motion...a diversion if you will. It's tough to get key locks or arm bars cuz they're so much bigger and can power out of it.

But yah grappling with bigger dudes is the most draining thing ever. I've been playing around with leg locks. One of the first was Ken Shamrock with his heel hooks, then you got Toquino now with his vicious torques and Charles Oliveira with a calf slicer. That is such a cool submission.
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