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Originally Posted by "El Guapo" View Post
Have you ever tried any other supplements except for protein?? Yes a clean healthy diet works wonders but combine this with a monster supplement and then your talking. I used to be a little runt (probs 55kg) currently (just finished a course of Muscle Fuel Anabolic (all in one with some natural test boosters)) 70kg ( I am a hard gainer) But my lifts are:
All 3 sets 10 reps
Bench: 70kg 3x10
Squats: 100kg 3x10
Deads: 100kg 3x10

Which I think is pretty strong for my weight + you get a shredded bod! (6 pac for the ladies!)

So yea possible look to involve a creatine supplement or all in one somewhere?
Yah at my peak I was on three to four different supplements.

Iso Metrics Weight Gainer - seven types of creatine
Nutrabolics Fighters Food - pre work out
Nutrabolics Hemotest

* Monster Milk

Ultimately I think I peaked and work related stress hampered my weight training regimen. But I'd like to gain an additional 30 pounds. Like what Scarecrow said I have to eat like a mofo to sustain that weight...haha.

Appreciate the tips!
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