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The real question (there should be an answer somewhere tho) is "who is already in there"?
as far as I know (i.e. not much) with the original game's roster and the DLC, including the facebook overeem DLC, we'll pretty much have everyone, or close enough.

I'd do a DLC with the first UFC fighters, such as the Sumo Teila Tuli or Gerard Gordeau, 1 hand gloved Art Jimmerson.
the DLC with the UFC 1 arena and commentary, the old days looks.

A DLC with a fighter's career starting at UFC 1 with a scenario following the UFC's history, like at some point the fighter would be able to choose to go to Pride (I think that's already in the story mode), Like I think they did with the last Fight night, the dark ages of the UFC where the fighter would have to do illegal/backyards fights for a while, before the UFC comes back under Zuffa and at full force. With all the consequences, unable to pay for "premium" training and whatnot, maybe go to prison and fight there, bare knuckles fighting etc...

A good story/scenario mode would be a kickass DLC.

Oh, and the ability to pickup our own walk in music too

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