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Watching the Walking Dead marathon as I finish up Hitch-22, waiting for L&M to return from Erie with older swplet who just turned 17, planning how I'm going to get all my workouts in this week with nobody bothering me.

The past two weeks made it so I had to carve out training time aggressively. My BJJ instructor has talked to me about testing for stripe. I'm sure he was watching as I rolled and wrecked this past Wednesday. The only kid who can sub me is a craaaaazy ginger kid much taller and stronger than me. I'm going to start looking for local 5Ks in the next couple of months, also.

I have my skates in the back of my car and I need to find a few more pairs of the particular socks I wear with them, since anyone who's had lessons knows that you're always supposed to wear the same footing under your skates.

It finally snowed again. It felt beyond wrong having a bonfire in February last week, though it was fun as sh!t.

Originally Posted by Composure View Post
Hit up the bar again with my buds last night and got called "tall and sexy" so many times.

Damn, I love single life.
This is exactly what you should be doing right now. Don't get tied down. I was a low-maintenance girlfriend and am an undemanding wife, but I see that I'm in the minority.

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