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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Because Condit told everyone before the Diaz fight that if he won he wouldn't sit around and wait for GSP.

Just more hot air from Condit.

He just wanted everyone to say "oh look at Condit, he is a real fighter, look at him". He just wanted people to applaud him. He never truly meant that.

That is why he deserves flack.

The WW division has been the suckiest division in MMA. Not because GSP dominates everyone, but because their are few interesting things in the division. We all though the Diaz fight would be awesome, it wasn't. What is even exciting in the division? Most exciting thing is Erick Silva doing work.
Actually Condit never said he was going to wait, DW did:

"We don't know when Georges is coming back yet," White said. "But Carlos isn't going to fight another fight."
Per Condit's manager:

"Right now, Carlos is just sitting back and waiting for a call from the UFC," Kawa said. "With Nick out, the title fight with Georges seems to make the most sense, and Carlos is excited for a chance to unify the titles. But we'll just wait to see what the UFC has planned and go from there.

"Carlos has always been willing to fight anybody the UFC asks him to face, and that's certainly not changing now."
So it appears Condit does not deserve the flack, DW and the UFC do if anyone.

I still think that they are just waiting for the upcoming fights and GSP's next medical report to determine what to do. Foot in mouth syndrome has bitten them pretty hard as of late.
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