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I'm not sure what is going through anyone's head who thinks Condit deserves any kind of flack.

Condit has worked his butt off, and he's put his time in the trenches, waded through a whole circus about 'now you get a shot, now you don't, you do..', and put up with a truckload of BS from Diaz and his camp, before and after the fight.

He has 100% earned his shot at GSP. He's been the company guy for the UFC, he's done what he was asked, if he wants to wait for GSP now and take his shot at the title, he damn well deserves it.

He would have been just as justified to tell Diaz to stick it somewhere painful for the rematch, but he was willing to do that. I don't normally like holding up a division, but Condit has nothing to prove, Ellenberger, Sanchez and anyone else can go hang, Condit deserves the next shot at GSP, let him have it.
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