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Originally Posted by EagleClaw29 View Post
I read all the posts in this thread until I got to this one. I believe that "Finnsidious" has a good take on this situation.

I don't know all the specific details of everything that has transpired leading up to this debate/argument/discussion over this matter.....but I think I know enough to pretty much agree with Finn.

I know Carlos was being jacked around as the odd man out in this whole episode....he was treated as low man on the totem pole as each one of the fights got made....then fell apart, etc.

He didn't whine or complain like some would have certainly done (N.D. for one). He just stepped up to the plate each time. I think he is one of the most grounded - mature MMA fighters out there.

In my post RE: his fight with Diaz, I mentioned that IMHO Condit's maturity was one of the keys to winning that fight.

I have Comcast Cable where I live and they offer viewers certain previous MMA fights they can watch for $1.00 each (& u get it for 24 hours if u want to watch it more than once).

They had Condits last two fights b4 Diaz & I watched them both because I hadn't seen them b4.

He was also "AGAIN, stepping up to the plate" in both of these fights because he fought each guy on their home turf. Dan Hardy in London England & Rory MacDonald in Vancouver Canada.

He got "KO of the night vs. Hardy" as he nailed him with a brutal left hook late in the 1st round. Hardy was dropped to his back by the shot & Carlos followed & was able to get 2 more punches in b4 the ref tackled him off of Hardy to stop the fight because he saw that Hardy was briefly totally out of it.

His fight with MacDonald was totally different. MacDonald was dominating the fight for the first 2 and 1/2 rounds. B4 the 3rd round Jackson was hollering at Condit telling him that this was a fuking war and that he had to go out & fight like it.

Rogan said he had never heard Jackson talk that way to one of his fighters....that he was usually calm & collected. But then he & Goldberg agreed that u have to treat different fighters in different ways to motivate them (like coaches do in most sports) & they thought that obviously this was what Jackson thought Condit needed to hear.

Anyway, Condit finally got on top of MacDonald about half way thru the 3rd round & was throwing some brutal elbows & ground & pound. He stayed with the elbows & GAP & the ref stopped it with 9 seconds left due to strikes.

I gotta say that Carlos was a bit lucky it was stopped. Because if it wasn't....he would have been down 2 rounds to 1 & he would have needed that 3rd round scored 10-8 for him to get a tie & u seldom see 10-8 rounds in MMA.

The Bottom Line - I think Condit has done all that could have been expected of him & really a bit more. So I too think it should be up to him whether he wants to wait till GSP is ready to fight even if it takes a while.....or if he wants another fight b4 that time would come.

I don't like divisions in flux either....but with this unique situation....I think it's Condit's call.

My 2 cents.
I agree with both "Finnsidious" and "EagleClaw29" takes on the situation. Nothing much to add to it.
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