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I thought he was "sick" of waiting. He kept saying how he has trained for 6 months for the Diaz fight because things kept happening. I thought he wanted to stay busy?

Also, definite opponent? Says who? What if he waits for what? 9 months? Almost a whole year...and GSP gets injured again. What happens then? He would have just wasted almost a year of his career.

It is ridiculous for any fighter to sit out 9-10 months if they aren't injured. It is a waste of time.

The interim crap means nothing. It is just a way the UFC can promote "Champion vs. Champion" when Condit isn't the Champ of anything. It was a #1 contenders match with some plastic belt up for grabs.

Honestly I think interim titles are dumb. What is the point of them anyway? Just have these #1 contenders matches be 5 rounders? Why even involve a fake title? It is all hype that really makes no sense.

Interim titles should never be used. I can't think of one good reason to use them other than the Brock situation.
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