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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
I don't blame him at ALL considering the ******* circus he went through leading up to this fight. At least now he has a definite opponent in waiting for GSP.
exactly my thoughts.

From day 1 I thought Condit was better than Diaz, but Diaz simply got the shot at GSP because of the "good guy/bad guy" angle that the UFC could sell. Condit doesn't talk much trash, and selling GSP/Diaz is much easier than 2 "gentlemen" fighting each other.

Diaz no shows at pressers, so Condit gets the fight, but then GSP has his injury. After beating Penn, Diaz further tries to sell the "good guy/bad guy" angle by accusing GSP of faking the injury, and then it's no surprise GSP wants the original match vs. Diaz.

Condit beat Diaz (as I suspected he would), so Diaz throws a temper tantrum. The guy has no class - in less than 6 months of being back in the UFC he has;
1. missed pressers (for a title fight)
2. claimed GSP was faking an injury
3. retired
4. pissed positive for illegal substance
5. accused Condit of only accepting a rematch because Condit somehow knew Diaz would piss positive.

I don't mind the "bad guy" attitude that some UFC fighters try to portray. I hated Koscheck during his recent bout with GSP, but I was actually pulling for him in his last 2 fights. Diaz is just an idiot.
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