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You can always cut weight for each fight, if you're not losing weight fast enough that may seem the best. Also it isn't always what you eat, although this is very important, but increasing the calorie intake helps greatly. During wrestling season I cut around 20 pounds but about 10-12 came off relatively easy during the first 2 weeks. (I'm also 6 ft but I cut from 180 to 160). I dropped from eating pretty much what ever I wanted and around 2000-3000 calories to eating about 1000-1500 calories a day. This will help a lot in getting down, you're going to be tired, and hungry but you have to get used to it. Also chew gum if you get too hungry.

Now if you choose to cut weight, and dehydrate your self some then you should probably start the week before if you need to lose 15 pounds. (The most I've done is 17 pounds from sunday to the next saturday, this was the same season). And just decrease water intake food intake as well as increase the cardio workout. Wearing sweats and plastics if you really need to helps alot. After your weigh in eat a little bit of food but be sure to hydrate well. You can fight a little hungry, but dehydrated you are asking to lose.

I hope this helps.
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