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Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
Just got home after attending my first and last live fights. MMA fans are such douchebags, seriously. Guys with pants so tight that they can't walk up steps, tall as shit mohawks, no weightlifting equipment aside from barbells judging by the amount of chicken legged dudes with "guns".

I've never seen so many affliction or tapouts shirts or neck and face tattoos. The same chicken legged dudes walking around like Johnny Phonebooks with their gf dressed like a hooker.

All the guys carry a mean mug on their face, flipping off the sections of crowds not rooting for their faves. TONS of "I'd kick that guys ass" or "full mount" when someone has pulled guard and other such nonsense.

Only enjoyable thing about it was the actual fights that were sometimes hard to see with groups of retards jumping around acting stupid whenever the slightest bit of action happened. Chuck Liddell was there though which was cool.

Nighty night MMAF
. My worst experience was when some peoplein the crowd yelled that stop wrestling while they were grappling on the crowd and just knock his ass out. They were my friends.

Super pissed of my best lady friend. She's getting such a guilt train it's ridiculous. Right around my birthday and she's going to feel extremely bad and honestly i couldn't give a shit.

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