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Originally Posted by EricB814 View Post
I am going to start taking Muay Thai lessons and I watched some Muay Thai fights, and I noticed that they do not punch very often. So, I decided that integrating Boxing with Muay Thai would be the best combination for stand up game. But the problem is, the stances are way different. Do you guys think I could make it work if I took up Muay Thai and Boxing? How would it be in a competitive fight and street fight? And, what do you think of this gym:
The dutch style of muay thai is basically what you are talking about. Go to youtube and watch some of Andy Souwer or Gokhan Saki's fights, those guys epitomize that style. Traditional muay thai bouts score kicks much higher then punches, thats a big reason why traditional muay thai practitioners throw a greater number of kicks over punches.

Damn, just noticed the plug for some random gym at the bottom. I was baited and took it...I am a little ashamed for not catching that.
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