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What fight/fued has divided the board the most?

I was thinking about it today. In a few cases there's been particular fights or even ongoing feuds between fighters that have seemingly cut the board in half. Cases where a fellow member who had your back no more than a month ago with two different fighters is now on the opposite side of the fence debating against you.

Don's misunderstand me here. Debate and discussion is what forums are and SHOULD be all about, otherwise what are we doing here. The mature members of the forum no how to seperate personal feelings from opinions discussed on point. Take me and Oldfan for example... I honestly don't know if we've ever agreed on a fight prediction, but there is a lot of respect there... at least I think

So to the original question. What topic has divided the forum the most. For me, four in particular come to mind.

Long term - Sonnen/Silva. There doesn't seem to be any gray area here.

  • Machida/Rua
  • Griffin/Jackson
  • Condit/Diaz
We still here about Griffin and Jackson every now and again... need I say more?

OMG!!! Would a MOD please fix my amazingly stupid thread title... I have no idea why I put the 's after "what"

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