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Help trying to balance training

Just want to know what everybody here thinks i should do because i'm not sure.
If you just want to know what i'm asking, skip the paragraph.

I live in a very small town with little to none martial arts school and no mma school,
I used to do JuJutsu but had to give that up because of money and used to do boxing also although i had to give the boxing up because of how far i was travelling to get there, a new boxing place just opened up in my town and the first class was tonight, the facilities are seriously lacking. . . concrete floor that's like ice as soon as water touches it, a ring, and a few focus mitts, although the facility doesn't bother me too much considering there is 7 coaches and plenty of sparring partners. When i was leaving tonight i looked in the window of the place next door and noticed my old JuJutsu coach teaching a class, obviously he'd moved location. I went in and talked to him and found out prices had dropped a lot and i'd be able to afford it. The places are literally a couple a feet beside each other which was also great, only problem came when i found out the times and days that he was teaching. . .

I've got boxing at 7-9 Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The JuJutsu is on at 8-9ish Monday, and Wednesday.
Since the classes are overlapping i obviously can't take both and if i want to would be sacrificing time with the other.
Should I train boxing two nights a week and JuJutsu one or vice versa ?
I'd really like to hear some input because i'm not sure what to do as i love both just as much as the other.

If this isn't the right place to post this can somebody move it, i wasn't sure where to post it.
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