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Super Fight League

So, I just read that SFL has hired Phil Barony to do commentary.
I'm probably the last to know but, I just became aware of these guys. Please try to hold back the sapp/thompson jokes, after all you have to start somewhere.

I think these guys are smart to get something going before the UFC invades and takes another market. A huge, HUGE market. One with a huge HUGE talent pool just waiting to be tapped.

In general, I'm in favor of ANYONE not named Dana White putting on fights. But, I've long wondered who if anyone would be next to step up and offer the UFC any competition. If nothing else we need another strong #2 to give ZUFFA refugees a place to go but, I hope this could be even better than that if they do it right.

What do you think? will we ever see endless threads arguing over UFC Champ vs SFL Champ?


Founder Chairman: Raj Kundra
British born Indian, Raj Kundra has been a sports enthusiast and MMA follower for the last five years. He is married to Bollywood celebrity Shilpa Shetty and together they own the prestigious IPL team Rajasthan Royals. Raj has worked on launching a viable MMA league in India. The SFL is his brainchild and his goal is to develop top MMA fighters from India. Raj Kundra has set up the Federation of Mixed Martial Arts in India, the only governing body that regulates and provides MMA promoters with guidelines following the unified rules of mixed martial arts. The overall injury rate in MMA competitions is currently similar to other combat sports, including boxing. This has only been made possible by the introduction of unified rules.
Co Founder Chairman: Sanjay Dutt
Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt needs no introduction, he is the co-founder and partner of Raj Kundra in Super Fight Promotions Pvt. Ltd. He is the face of MMA India and India's real action hero! He has the raw appeal he has that is so essential to being a star, and people can feel his presence even before they've sighted him. He is the real action hero of India! Sanjay Dutt's passion for fitness and fighting sports along with a vision for India's MMA future he has joined forces with Raj to Launch India's first professional Mixed Martial Arts league. Mr. Dutt is also the brand ambassador for the Boxing Federation of India.

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