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Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
At the top of my list for sure. I'm ready for season 5! Just kind of wondering where the club is going since Jax is at the lead. Then there is Otto....and Juice....Wtf.

I didn't know that about Happy. I'm still learning the Bios of the cast....But it makes sense with him being a HA.

I've read some negative stuff about the Sons. Mainly about how this could never happen this day and age. But it wasn't that long ago that the Hell's Angels were at their peak. With some chapters running guns and getting in brawls in casinos with the Mongols in 03.

Which is crazy because in 04 I was hanging out in La Cajon with a friend from the Corps. And never knew anything like that was going on.
Hap was a technical advisor for the show then Kurt decided to cast em...and it was a good choice...cuz he's brutally hilarious as an enforcer. Remember the scene where they were in Ireland and Bobby Elvis was squirming when the dude was getting cut up..."this is some medieval shit." Then you see Happy...well..."smiling..." Lolz!!!

As for the real life clubs...oh there definitely around still. I've seen em here and there. In fact some years back I was watching an MMA show and not sure what groups, but definitely rough necks from the burbs were sitting in the back and they were roudy, but pretty chill. No fights or nothin.

Interesting culture and lifestyle that's for sure. For me watching the show made me want to get a Chopper and just ride.

If you ever want to watch a cool TV series on this topic watch "The Last Chapter." It's made for TV, but very well made. Sold the dvd collection to a rugged fella who was a member of a puppet crew to you know who. True story and I'm sticking to it...haha! At least I know it went into good hands. He was like I'm going to burn it and sell it to my friends...roflz! It's a hard to find DVD.
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