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newbie advice, complexes and bw/lifting

ok. so i have been thinking about how to start my new routine.

my goals are strength and conditioning. i do want to start some mma again but money is to tight atm. other info about me, 105kg, and have a back injury. and i train weekday mornings, the time were i seem to be able to spend time. up at 6 train for an hour before off to work. i have a 7ft oly bar, no weights yet. standard size bar with upto about 80kg in plates when go pick up the ones i just got. pull up bar (which i cant do a pull up yet). also have a bench.
the only reason i refer to the complexes is to help with conditioning, getting the heart going and cardio side of it aswell.

i had thought of 2-3 compound exercise for strength followed by barbell complexes as like a condition element. 3 rep complexes or 8 rep.

an example would be

push ups, 5x5
front squat 5x5
rows. 5x5

barbell complex
-DL, high pull, snatch, back squat, GM, row for 8reps.

the other way im thinking is, do 2 days lift exercises. then 2 days of barbell complexes. thats if it would work better split.

im unsure as to what would work better. having say 4 days, 2 on, 1 off, 2 on i had gone towards doing both at same time.

ideas or suggestions?
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