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Mon: BJJ was Margarita pass and a few other guard passes, but as always, I learned the most rolling live. I'm told I'm moving much better on my back, which is good because sometimes if I'm pinned by someone who outweighs me by 100 lb, I get a little scared. Then I went to my other gym and ran 3 miles. My favorite technique that I've learned recently is still can opener, though.
Tue: MT tonight. I was such a lazyass all weekend partly because I was a lazyass and am coming off 4 weeks of 30+ hours working, (a lot for me because I'm the only one who does anything around our house) and because everything was still hurting from the extremely intense MT class last Thur. That doesn't usually happen to me, at least not to that extent, so I figured I'd better rest. EDIT: MT tonight was a round kick clinic. The kru set a goal of 500 kicks, and we exceeded it by about 75, by my count, in 90 minutes, combined with a lot of combinations on the bag and in partner pad work. Two of the students are preparing to fight this Saturday, so I'm looking forward to an intense Thursday workout as well. It'll be interesting to see how I perform, if at all, in my run tomorrow afternoon between work appointments.

Last night was the first night in weeks that I didn't have a drink. Tonight I had one, because as I've already said in a couple of places, it's impossible to watch Justified without some Kentucky bourbon.

Wed: Split shift at work. My schedule is somewhat more regular, but IDK if that's the shape of things to come. I had about 40 min at home till I had to go to the next appointment, with driving kids all around. My husband is in Vegas for work and I've been doing all the chauffeuring.

Thur: MT was ******* exhausting nonstop pad and bag work, and fun as shit, as always.
Fri, Sat: rested
Sun: 3 mile run

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