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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
You mean like Bruce Lee, Superman, the soldiers that defeated Hitler etc.?

Fighting isn't inherently bad, not in certain contexts and especially not in a sport.

Taking it up the pooper for money though ...
Don't get me wrong, I know what MMA is about, that argument was made purely for the sake of the discussion and I was just speculating how an average person would look at the whole "fighter = good role model for children" thing, because MMA is still perceived as human cock fighting (a lot less then in the past obviously.. in my country, the majority still thinks MMA is 'fighting with no rules'), in which case the role model thing goes completely out of the window and therefore some porn past shouldn't matter.
As Ryan said though children usually watch what is mainstream, and since UFC is becoming mainstream, like I said before, I agree that they shouldn't associate themselves with stuff like this.
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