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Worked a split shift of 2 appointments totaling about 9.25 hours. Today is my 20th wedding anniversary. My husband, who most of you know as L&M for Lord and Master, is in Vegas for work and has been telling me "There's no stores out here at all. Nothing you would like in any way, shape, or form." Aaahahahaha. I gave him some subtle crashing hints anyway. When he comes back we're going to go out, but we insist on Guinness on tap and there's maybe two places in town that have that, and they're beers and wings type places.

I just put a splash of Rebel Yell in my coffee, seriously, like not even half a shot, and if it wasn't so late here I'd go watch the other DVD of Hung I rented. It isn't pr0n, it's an HBO series with Thomas Jane and it's decent, also interesting to me because it's shot in my former stomping grounds of Detroit.

I watched the Thing remake (prequel) the other night. I loved it. The filmmakers made a good effort to have it look a lot like the original, which it did. It was like "Norwegian Norwegian Norwegian AAAAH SWEET CREATURE EFFECTS!! some English, a little plot, Norwegian Norwegian, OH HELL NO!" It's probably a good thing that I watched it by myself.

I will be resting my legs all day tomorrow so I can wreck at MT tomorrow night. I want my shorts some time this year, and I definitely want to be the first woman at the gym to successfully test for them.

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