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Hey guys,

the stretching is going well I am still right around 5 inches from the floor.

I have re-introduced my cardio/power circuits. I have done 1 per day since my last post and just now I did two with a minute rest between the cycles.

I clocked my 1st cycle at 1:45 +/s 5 seconds. The 2nd cycle was at 1:55 +/s 5 seconds.

I stripped my bar to 80 pounds to start from scratch and rebuild my cardio quicker than if I tried to maintain my pre-injury weight of 170 pound lifts.

I am one step closer now to getting the nursing job, I found my name is listed on the iowa registry for nurses.

By way of logic, once I get the new job and start taking a supplement called jack3d which I field tested the other day...I will build my cardio up 2-4 times quicker and have a reduced turn around.

If my body can withstand the punishment I plan on attempting a 200 pound circuit. If that is even possible, I want to shoot for the same times I just posted or faster at that weight.

With this ground fighting will grow proportionately due to my prowess for being able to hang in for the whole night and not wear down mentally. I may have physically tired but my mind never reached the point where I was gassed.

Throughout life there are bumps along the way some may be painful...others not...who gives a damn in the end you'll still die
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