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Originally Posted by Andrus View Post
Got a bad hangover, it's starting to get better now. Last night some random drunk guy laid down some truth for me and my buddies, he said that after graduating college I'll be working in Finland, plowing snow.
And he also said that everytime he has been to that club, he's always ended up getting his ass kicked. I wonder why is that

Also, my schoolmate had been talkin to some chick, and she had pointed at me, saying "Look, he's handsome. But don't worry, you are beautiful inside." Got a confidence boost from that.

And last, but not least, I witnessed 2 dutch chicks makin out. We were having a conversation and from nowhere, those two started makin out. It was H-O-T. One of them was white-chick drunk and her name was Mary Ann, if anybody wanted to know.
I've been ROFL reading your last few posts in this thread. You need a sitcom. Bas and Rampage and me are the wacky neighbors, and Bas holds my hair while I puke from getting white-chick drunk and says, "Don't you ever do dis again."

Last I checked, you don't need to live in the Netherlands to smoke weed every day.

Not working today after a long day yesterday. I'm going to read and do some housework, then watch more of Hung, then MT at 6.

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