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Everybody picked the 'upset'

Round 1 - Referee Jerry Chris calls this first preliminary fight of the night. Couture leads with a jab and a leg kick. Heun takes a jab advancing. Couture active with the jab and inside leg kick. Heun looking to counter. Hard leg kick lands for Couture. Heun misses with a counter left hook. Teep for Couture. They trade leg kicks. You can hear Randy Couture giving instructions. Body kick from Heun blocked. One-two combo gets through for Ryan and Heun ties up and they're at the cage. Couture pushes back and gets some space before pressing to the cage. Heun kicks the legs. Nice knee to head lands for Couture. Heun peels off with an elbow. Leg kick from Heun blocked. Couture getting loose. Heun patiently advancing. Heun nealy catches body kick. Body shot for Couture. He's the more active fighter of the pair. Good jab lands. Straight right lands big, and Heun gets takedown. Couture tries to lock up oma plata in midair and gets slammed to the mat. The two pop up quickly, and Heun drives it back to the mat. He's sporting a cut. Heun working from half-guard. Less than a minute to go. Heun can't keep Couture from getting up. Round ends with Couture eating a body kick. scores the round 10-9 for Couture.

Round 2 - Heun presses forward, but he looks stiff. Couture counters with a few hooks and keeps distance with a front kick. Couture's jab the more effective strike when they trade. Heun gets fancy with a spinning kick then lands a body kick. Heun grabs the legs and gets a brief takedown but can't keep the fight down. Couture jabs and throws that inside leg kick. He's scoring consistently with it. He overextends, though, on a straight right and gets dumped to the canvas. The two land in half-guard, and Couture goes for a kimura. Huen defends and tenderizes the body with an elbow. Couture gives up the attempt as Heun posts up. Couture grabs and arm and works for an armbar. Heun pops out and gets Couture's neck as he stands up. Heun lets up on it against the cage and Couture gets a takedown against the fence. He's on Heun's back almost immediately, but he's slipping off the back. Heun escapes and the two stand against the fence. Heun jumps into guard and the action stalls with Heun's high-guard. Round ends in a stalemate in that position. scores the round 10-9 for Couture, putting him up 20-18.

Round 3 - Heun needs a big round or a finish to right the ship. HIs left eye is swelling badly. Couture works the jab while Heun goes to the body. Couture with a front kick and straight right follow-up. Couture punches into the clinch and gets a takedown, but he falls into a kimura. He tenderizes Heun's flank to hammerfists. "Atta kid," the elder Couture cries. The younger Couture briefly takes mount but Heun spins and escapes the position. Heun attempting to escape, Couture takes the back in return. He flattens Heun out and lets punches go. Heun isn't offering much resistance. The referee has seen enough and waves off the bout. Impressive performance for Couture.
Ryan Couture def. Conor Heun via TKO (strikes) - Round 3, 2:52

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