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Round 1 - Jerry Krzys calls this final preliminary bout. The two are trading punches right off the bat, thug it's unclear who gets the better. Upon the second exchange. Alexis lands some good shots with dirty boxing, but catches a punch that rocks her when Kaufman retires fire. Kaufman drives the action to the cage and unloads short elbows. Davis working knees. Kaufman better with punches, but Davis lands a few knees. Kaufman finding the range with punches, and Davis' face is red already. Kaufman with jab and straight rights aplenty. Davis goes high with a kick and the two clinch. After trading knees, Kaufman drives to the fence. Davis with a knee to the body, and Kaufman going with those short elbows again. Kaufman works the knees. Davis returns. Kaufman punches out, and the referee stops the fight to check Davis' cut. It's over the left eye, but the doc lets the action continue. Davis goes to the legs with punches but Kaufman is just relentless with ones and twos down the middle. Davis is getting tagged. Davis with a nice body kick and punch. They are absolutely going toe to toe, but Kaufman is landing more shots. Kaufman again drives it to the cage and works knees and elbows. Davis with a knee in the clinch, and the two break off. Davis with a body kick. Kaufman eats a jab and Davis is turning up the tempo. Sehe's landing well, but Kaufman charges back with more punches. Her output is simpy higher. Davis working kicks to keep distance. Kaufman ends with a straight right. Killer round. Both fighters' faces etched in crimson. scores the round 10-9 for Kaufman.

Round 2 - They trade jabs to start, then another. Davis goes to the legs and eats a jab in return. Kaufman punches in and Davis swats at her. Kaufman's jab is scoring. They clinch up and Kaufman shrugs Dvavis off. Davis works knees in the clinch, but Kaufman replies with punches. Davis with more kicks. Kaufman punches as they clinch, and they're locked up trading knees now. Kaufman pushes the action to the cage, and again, elbows follow. Davis tries to reverse position, but Kaufman is too strong. They trade knees. This is a grueling fight. Kaufman trying to work out of the clinch. Davis reverses but Kaufman escapes, and Davis kicks the legs. Kaufman persistent with a jab. Davis dirty boxes but can't keep the position. They lock up and better each other with punches. Davis is ending exchanges with kicks, but Kaufman is just on her with persistent one-twos before driving the fight to the cage. It's clear that Kaufman has a strength advantage in this fight, and her relentless pressure is doing the bulk of the damage. But that's not to say Davis isn't having a few words of her own. She's working her punching combos and working more effective kicks, but Kaufman just keeps punching. A clinch from Davis nets a couple of nice knees to the head. Then they break for more relentless face-punching. scores the second frame 10-9 for Kaufman.

Round 3 - Kaufman catches a kick and nearly eats a knee to the face in return. Davis with front kicks. Pace has slowed a little bit. Kaufman catches a kick but doesn't do anything with it. Davis works the muay Thai clinch. But really, this fight is locked in punching range, and Kaufman is doing the bulk of the damage. Davis lands knees from the clinch, and again, she's got the leg attacks covered. Finally, Davis a takedown after Kaufman overextends on a punch. Davis has side control, and Kaufman is trying to buck. Davis working short rights. Davis misses with an elbow. Davis almost gets knee-on-belly. Davis works to secure an arm and gets it, but at the cost of top position. Davis rolls her over with a kimura and takes side control again. Kaufman rolls out of it but can't escape the bottom. Davis with hammerfists. Davis gets the back briefly, but settles for half-guard as Kaufman rolls again. Davis working for mount. Meanwhile, she lands short punches. Kaufman clinging to her leg as she postures up and fires down hammerfists to end the fight. scores the round 10-9 for Davis, but the late-fight rally may not be enough.Sarah Kaufman def. Alexis Davis via majority decision (29-29, 29-28, 29-28)

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