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Originally Posted by HaVoK View Post
"As you guys know, the policy for Strikeforce and the UFC is that kind of body art and offensive behavior ... is not going to be allowed."

Really? I can think of a few non-white fighters who sport such Tattoos.
I can't.

Originally Posted by Joabbuac View Post
Brown Pride , White Pride

Im not saying this is not worse, but there is a hint of double standard in this...
Yes, because Neo-Nazisim is totally all about promoting pride in one's heritage and is not about promoting one of the most heinous and violent hate groups in all of mankind.

It's totally a double standard against the poor white man!

The white man can't get no justice around here!
Nobody is more victimized than the white man in America...IT'S SO TERRIBLE!

I mean, look at all of the black dude's that tote Black Panther tattoos, and no one even says shit to them!

Hell, if a boxer joined the Nation of Islam, it's not like they would try to prevent him from fighting or anything...o wait....that already happened.

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