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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
I still don't get why this comment bothers people. They act like tapping wasn't an option. It is not Ronda's fault that Tate didn't tap until she could scratch the middle of her back. Why should she feel bad for it?
As a human being engaging in a sport you want to win. The goal isn't to end someone's career or cause permanent damage, and if you do, you'd feel bad about it. Winning isn't worth taking a chance on crippling someone for life. If you don't feel bad about it, even if you had no choice, then you are sub-human in my humble opinion. And she did have choices if Tate was too tough for her own good. She could have called out to the ref that it was breaking and asked him to stop it earlier. Its not as egregious as Steve Cantwell saying he's "always wanted to do that" but its not far off either.

And while I am no fan of the Diaz brothers, how does this comment and training with them link up at all?
Apparently their idiocy, self-absorption, and lack of class is contagious.
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