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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Mexican Americans have become a an entire race!!

Are you impaired? Do you seriously not know what a double standard is? A double standard would imply that minority groups are infallible while everyone picks on the poor white man.

What you supplied was not an example of a racial double standard, but a school wanting to avoid another unneeded conflict.

Again, it's easy to go on the Free Republic forums and get a slanted story that makes it seem like everyone is out to get the good ole American boy(what bigotry and closeted racism often leads to), but the real story
was this kid wasn't allowed to wear his flag because they were banned.
Period. Kids were complaining because he was infracting upon a rule set when SURPRISE a bunch of arrogant, pompous kids decided to tote American Flags on Cinco De Mayo(because trolling Mexicans on their special day is so funny and original and remember, the white man is
ALWAYS the victim!). They banned national flags outright to avoid favouritism and he broke the rule defiantly.

This was a big story because of people like you always trying to play the victim card. They conveniently left out the fact that all flags were banned
and made it seem like they did it just because they liked Mexicans and were being "PC" by catering to the minority. In the end of the day, enough screaming hicks got through that they had to reverse there decision....I wonder if Pablo got to wear his flag too?

Mind you, this is a school where very limited free speech is applied.

Keep them coming though. I'm enjoying this futile and pathetic effort.
The double standard is amongst the neutral public. There are racist on both sides but when a so called non-racist party caves in to one side to avoid conflict instead of supporting the rights of both sides yeah that is a double standard.

What's so sacred about a Mexican holiday in the US that you can't display the flag in the US?

Shut up about the white man operated shit you are completely turning my argument into something it's not.

"The fat man flies at midnight"
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