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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
Go ahead, call me names, I don't really care.
Not sure where I called you a name? (maybe my evil twin got loose, but he's safely caged in an alternate universe.) I offered a description of the Diaz's and suggested these traits have infected Rousey - but now someone says they barely train together - so who knows if that's the source. Maybe she's just mentally weak and took things too personally.

There is a clear difference between Ronda and Cantwell, so to even make a comparison in any fashion is a slap in the face to MMA fighters. Do I think Ronda wanted to break Tates arm and possibly ruin her career? Nope. But it is Tate's job to protect herself at all times, including tapping to prevent injury. Ronda shouldn't feel bad or back down because Tate is a tough as nails DOB.
Difference in egregiousness but not the nature of the event. If Ronda wanted to avoid permanently hurting Tait she could have done *something.* But she was huffy about the head butt and showed immaturity and lack of self control. In human activity there will always be differences of opinion. I'm just saying that I will not be a Rousey fan (which I was starting to become) for the foreseeable future, and as it stands now I'd be delighted to see her laying up against the cage with eyes rolled back and leg pinned under her Rashad Evans via Machida style.
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