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Originally Posted by Joabbuac View Post
Honestly i think she did feel bad (most humans would) You see the looks she gave Tate instead of continuing to celebrate? She was concerned, got her sht back together when she knew tate was more or less ok.
Feeling bad and concerned are two different things. She can be concerned for her health but not feel bad for having caused the injury.

I find it hilarious that people are so upset about her being matter of fact about a submission but if she would have straight KO'ed her and made a comment "Once this hand hits that chin it's all over!" people would have been hi-5ing each other.

So in summary, no, I whole heartily disagree that most humans would feel bad. I clearly don't, so say what you would like about me. In my eyes, and probably in the eyes of most mma fans, BJJ/Judo/Sambo/etc practitioners, Tate had an option to tap. Tate made her choice and now must live with it like Big Timmy, Big Nog, and countless others have.
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