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Originally Posted by DanTheJu View Post
Way to be overtly racist yourself!

Every race in the world has racists with in it, every race has those who are not. There are double standards all over the world, its just how life is!

I am a white man, and I can say honestly that saying 99% of whites are racist is one of the more racist things I have heard on this forum! My family has never been discriminatory, we were just not raised that way. My grandparents felt the affects of the end of the "Irish Need Not Apply" era. They showed us all how to judge people based on who they are, not where they are from or what they look like. The entire community I grew up in was like that!

With that in mind, the fighter that spurred this conversation, my community would have wanted him dead! Being a child rapist, that is the lowest form of human there is.
Hick is not a racial slur. In fact, hick does not even connote race but rather a sub-culture. Try again.

Secondly, do not misquote me and learn to read.

Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
While he is not a white nationalist Jeff Monson has caught crap before accusing him of being one. They even suggested his nickname was a reference to it.

Thankfully those times have passed and people now realize it was a bunch of Brazilians who gave him the nickname and he is just an ardent believer in "the government is out to get us" (whether you believe it or not). The point still stands, he did have issues based on rumors and perception alone.

With all of that said, understand this, my post was not to argue against you, just point out that the mere accusations caused Jeff Monson issues.

And seriously, did NO ONE in all of Zuffa google Saling?

Monson looks like a skinhead. He looks flat out like a thug. But regardless of that, he's had employment in ZUFFA and no serious backlash has been taken against him at that's exceptionally weak.

More thousands of pages have been wasted crying about Cain's tattoo than that ******* weirdo's.

Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
The double standard is amongst the neutral public. There are racist on both sides but when a so called non-racist party caves in to one side to avoid conflict instead of supporting the rights of both sides yeah that is a double standard.

What's so sacred about a Mexican holiday in the US that you can't display the flag in the US?

Shut up about the white man operated shit you are completely turning my argument into something it's not.

Again, it would help if you had the ability to read. Mexicans were banned from displaying their national flag and had their flags confiscated. So much for the "neutral public". Please tell me, when national news stations are deliberately and grossly slanting stories, omitting pertinent details and skewing the truth to make it look like the white man has to bend over backwards to cater to minorities...I don't really see that as a neutral public. I see that as blatantly biased and to a lesser extent undercover racism and scare tactics.

Also, I'm not sure you know how a school works, but generally bullying is not allowed. So in the case where a bunch of snobby, pompous kids decide they are going to organize a mass anti-Mexican protest on Cinco De Mayo, it's going to cause problems and most importantly, it's going to be disruptive and something the school wants to squash immediately.

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