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I'm more or less with the consensus opinion from the group on the first page. If you're going to spar, you need to spar. Don't screw around for a minute. Be active. Push the pace. Fight like its a continuation of your brutal workouts, and like you're going to want to fight in the ring.

Even if you're the reactive fighter, you should still be active. Your opponent is moving enough that you still have plenty of content to react to.

You seriously need to work on the striking technique. If you're going to have a shrugged down posture, you still need to keep you shoulders above your center of gravity. You lean forward enough that if you get caught, you're going to go down hard. Even if your thought process is setting up a shot, you still need to keep the appropriate posture while striking, otherwise it will be seen as a telegraph. I happen to use those shrugged forward postures, too, so I'm speaking from experience.

Don't just throw random kicks out into the middle of the space, as you do about 0:32 of the second video. Your second sparring partner was very generous and just got out of the way. He actually looks like his technique is pretty solid and he probably could have seriously hurt you if it wasn't a friendly context.

I wish you luck in the fight. But there is definitely a lot to work on here. The thing that I think is most important is that you start having actual contact sparring sessions. Put some head gear and some 12 ounce gloves on, and some shin pads, step into a ring or a cage where you don't have to worry about running into weights, and really push yourself to somewhere near the physical expectations you have of an actual fight. Otherwise, its hard to say that this is serving you all that well.

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