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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Why the shit Carl didn't say 'oh btw there's a walker in the woods right over there...' is beyond me. The kid is annoying. Dale annoyed me but he was always the voice of reason, I think the group will become more ruthless without him.
Yah, the writer for the show wanted to explain that Carl unlike most children never really got to experience a normal childhood. Thus imagine the psychological effect he's going to have. He's obviously a good kid, but he's turning into something dark; fascination with weapons, becoming morbid, not believing in Heaven, throwing rocks at a zombie, etc. That's what makes this comic/TV series riveting. People die in the worst way possible and we're talking about the main characters. Tons of internal conflict as well as external ones as well. If anybody read the comics...there's some pretty shocking stuff.

Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
Dale: "I don't want to live in a world governed by survival of the fittest!"

*Goes outside and dies because he is unfit*

It's funny because as soon as he said that he sealed his fate. That was his epilogue.

What didn't make sense was how did a zombie creep up from behind him without him actually noticing it. You'd hear it dragging it's feet or at the very least snarling. Oh well...Dale was weak and had to go. Time to intro a new character...
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