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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
I have run out of things to say about MMA.

Iíve been looking around on other forums. I found one for old stoners. Old farts like me, laughing at how dumb kids are today and bragging about the incredibly stupid things we did as kids. Not much traffic on that one. A lot of people start threads and then forget about them

i found another one for owners of boxer dogs. Internet snobbery at itís best. I decided to join this fine forum but.... They had me fill out an APPLICATION with some very detailed information about me and my puppies. And a short essay on why I thought they would benefit from having me.

Well, my application was accepted (thank goodness. I could not have handled that rejection) BUT, they let me know right off the bat that I have inferior puppies from a possibly shady breeder (no, I have 2 beautiful, happy dogs that cost a tiny fraction of what they paid for theirs) and my time on the forum would be better spent reading than writing.

What a warm and welcoming place the web is.

What a bunch of knobs! Least you love your dogs for the right reason, rather than 'because it's a pure breed'. I hate assholes like that.

I once had a guy saying to me how his lurcher was a 'pure breed' and mine wasn't. I then explained to him that a lurcher is a type of crossbreed, and not a pure breed. My face was smug for a week seeing him backtrack.
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