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Gym...but with you have is doable. Failure is the way to go. 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4. As you go down of course you're doing lighter weights, but trust me your arms will be popping out with veins. Your arm will swell up like crazy.

IE: I do 35 pounds although I can curl 50lbs, but it's pointless if I can only do several reps and not cleanly.

Station 1 (No breaks in between these three sets.)
35 x 3 sets of 10
30 x 3 sets of 8/10
25 x 3 sets of 8/10

You gotta do multiple stations.

Biceps + Shoulders

- hammer curls
- incline curls (killer)
- preacher curls
- isolation curls
- machines curls
- lawnmowers (shoulder and biceps)
- back rows (shoulder and biceps)
- pull ups are the toughest

Triceps (part of chest workouts)
- all pushing routines
- skull crushers
- after the skull crushers push the preacher curls up from your chest up for added effect
- pull downs (machine)
- push downs (machine)
- dips (weights)

If you don't see muscle maturation in only ONE of these work outs something is off.

Think overall I have solid routines, but my issue has been gaining weight. So I'm back on a training regimen with a new diet.

Remember you need to keep proportional otherwise you're going to look like a cartoon with big arms and no upper body muscles.
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