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Well ok i'll try and simplify this a little.

I do Wrestling,Kempo Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai.

I am just starting up training again and wan't to know what the best way to get back into shape is, and also GAIN muscle.

I fight at 155 as well and right now walking weight im 168 pounds and im also 14% body fat, which is WAY more then i want right now.

So its basically whats the best way to gain muscle and loose weight?

Right now im working out like this.

M/W/F- 20 Minute Warm up on Cardio machines (eletric bike/tred mill, matters on whats open in the gym and if i feel like sitting lol)
Then i go into all upper body that day. I'll do about 3 sets with 10 reps per set on each free weight and weight machines. then with a 20 minute cooldown of cardio

T-TH-S- 20 minute warm up/cool down with cardio machines. Then i'll do the same sets/reps, just with my lower body.

Thats just what im doing now, i haven't started the supplements and dieting yet, im waiting for once i start college for all that, where i can be more focused and i'll be training then to.

Edit: best way i know to cut weight is what we do in wrestling. Day before/of the weigh in you just relax, do some light cardio in a job suit, and maybe sauna it off if your having that much trouble.

When i was competting i fought 155 and walked around about 164 so i didn't really have to loose a TON of weight but, thats just what i did.

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