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Originally Posted by Spit206Fire
Well ok i'll try and simplify this a little.

I do Wrestling,Kempo Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai.

I am just starting up training again and wan't to know what the best way to get back into shape is, and also GAIN muscle.

I fight at 155 as well and right now walking weight im 168 pounds and im also 14% body fat, which is WAY more then i want right now.

So its basically whats the best way to gain muscle and loose weight?

Right now im working out like this.

M/W/F- 20 Minute Warm up on Cardio machines (eletric bike/tred mill, matters on whats open in the gym and if i feel like sitting lol)
Then i go into all upper body that day. I'll do about 3 sets with 10 reps per set on each free weight and weight machines. then with a 20 minute cooldown of cardio

T-TH-S- 20 minute warm up/cool down with cardio machines. Then i'll do the same sets/reps, just with my lower body.

Thats just what im doing now, i haven't started the supplements and dieting yet, im waiting for once i start college for all that, where i can be more focused and i'll be training then to.

Edit: best way i know to cut weight is what we do in wrestling. Day before/of the weigh in you just relax, do some light cardio in a job suit, and maybe sauna it off if your having that much trouble.

When i was competting i fought 155 and walked around about 164 so i didn't really have to loose a TON of weight but, thats just what i did.

For many people it is very difficult to lose fat while gaining muscle, primarily because optimizing your insulin process is required for gaining muscle, but insulin has the duel effect of protecting fat stores from releasing free fatty acids. You best bet is to compartmentalize your goals. Try to maximize hypertrophy now, while eating sensibly, and then diet once you've achieved the level that pleases you, OR the opposite, lose body fat first, and then work on hypertrophy. To do both simultaneously requires an extremely complicated diet and workout schedule which is impractical for almost anyone outside of professional athletics.

Are you monitoring your heart rate daily?

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