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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I decided to go do the final parts and beat Mass Effect 3 after hearing how horrible the ending is, and all I have to say is - **** you Bioware, I will NEVER buy another game from you, you make me feel sick for having gotten interested in the story of this series and for giving you a single penny of my money, you suck, I hate you, I hope every writer who did this final game dies in a fire, suck my dick.
I got the game Tuesday been playing through it it is amazing so far... but I am wondering why everyone seems to beat this so fast I dont remember people beating Mass Effect 2 so fast. I only played about 4 hours of it ( I am also doing some side missions too)so far going to play some more tonight, I hope the ending is good the way you make it sound it is the worst ending ever.

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