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I had heard of Kony before the 2012 video, but only knew he was a violent guy from Africa. Having read more into it due to the viral video, I realize he is a pretty sadistic and ****ed up man.

Having said that, and knowing what I do about the Rwandan genocide, and the atrocities in Sierra Leone over the diamond mines, i'm not actually shocked at any of this. Although just as disgusted. The things that go on in Africa (and a LOT of it is completely unknown to the MSM, or they just don't bother reporting it) are beyond most peoples imaginations. In some instances, newborn girls are raped by men with AIDS, in the belief that doing this subhuman act will cure them of it.

Google Belgium’s King Leopold II, and read up on what when down under his authority in the Congo over rubber extraction in the late 1800's.

It is good that some of this is actually being brought to the attention of the masses, because it, and many other uncomprehendable things go on every day there. With no end in sight.
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