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Hey guys what's up. My intro.

I'm new to the forums and just wanted to say a few things about myself. I've been intrigued by Martial arts in general ever since I was a kid. I love watching it in movies and I love wrestling around with my friends. I grew up in a great home but violence among 3 boys was always apparent. It got even worse when our cousins from at of town stopped in for a week of two. And I don't mean we were angry...we were just having fun. The fight was in our blood lol. Holes in the dry wall everywhere...needless to say we got punished a lot.

As of lately though. I have taken a huge interest in MMA. I've been a very physical guys all my life. playing all kinds of sports growing up. And I've done weight lifting for years. I'm not a bit guy by any means but I have a pretty good physical definitions. My friend who actually has fought underground MMA has taught me a decent amount and we hardcore spar as often as we can. He was the first one to choke me out and give me my first black eye in the say session lol.

Here is a video of he and I throwing down. I'm the one with the wife beater on. I know I made a lot of mistake in here such as, not keeping my guard up enough,exc. But I did my best and he goes to easy on me honestly. But it's how you learn. I also try to watch a lot of UFC to watch there techniques.

I hope to be taking jiu jitsu and Muay thai at one of our mma gyms here in town soon.

I push myself hard every day. My work outs are different every day so my body never gets use to anything and I use the old school body for life diet where you eat six small meals a day and then pig out one day on the weekend. I've learned the most important part of physical appearance is eating. I also use GSPRUSHFIT which I enjoy a lot. Well I could ramble on a whole lot more but that's enough for now. Thanks hope to enjoy my time here and learn a lot.

"Though Fate conspires against me, Destiny is always in my favor".

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