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How did you guys like the live format?

I'm a big fight fan, so I could watch the fights muted, but I usually try to look at how the sport is coming off from a marketing and production standpoint because I genuinely care about the sport's success.

I think the whole "live" thing was a train wreck. The quietness in the building, the lack of commentators, the lulls in the production when it went to a decision (I watched a recorded version a couple hours later, but I literally missed a decision and intro to the next fight bc it cut to commercial when it shouldn't have and I was literally watching two guys stand in the ring while the cards were being tallied for 5 minutes) and the terrible interviews with the coaches and Dana.

I just felt like the whole production was mickey mouse and it reminded me of watching an elementary school play when a kid forgets there lines.

I realize I'm being a bit harsh because the fights were awesome for the most part, but the production value was absolutely atrocious in my mind.

I think this could be solved by having

A) commentators; maybe Mir and Anik
B) a small live audience; maybe 500-1000 people, not the 30 or so people like they had. To me a crowd in a small area would easily add entertainment value to the fight. I realize they would need to build something different to house the people, but so be it. I doubt they would have troubles selling tickets. A percentage of the ticket proceeds could go towards the fighters who are likely struggling financially at this point.
C) Better TV-commercial transitions. How did I end up watching two guys standing in the ring for 5 minutes and miss a decision? How long could it possibly take to tally the score cards when there is only 1 round?

The show was shitty last night as an entertainment product because they were selling a fight with no "bells and whistles" attached as Dana would say. I can appreciate the fights for what they are, but to do a two and a half hour show with little showmanship was dry in my opinion.

The cheesy pre-fight, pre-recorded interviews added some entertainment value and was the only thing(other than the fighters themselves) that saved the show in my opinion.

Luckily they will only have to deal with one fight a week from here on in. Still think all the criteria I suggested above should apply.

I'd love to see the ratings as the show went on, bc I could easily have seen casuals asking "What the hell is this?" and tuning out.

Or I could be painstakingly wrong.

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