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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
That was pretty entertaining. Tell you what you got determination. Your left thigh must be a bit sore though. Check his kicks first for the first round or so, then parry with your right hand immediately countering with your own kick, or catch the leg kick with your left + right cross counter, or my favorite catch it (your thigh has to be leaning forwards so it comes into contact with his shin throwing him off balance) and sweep his other leg. Another option is to front teep him at the same time. Kicks are my speciality. Cung Le, Showtime, Barboza, CC, and of course Anderson Silva all have a wicked arsenal of kicks and counters.

Your friend is obviously fairly experienced. He's fighting pretty casually and landing at will which is a sign of an experienced fighter. He's not trying to hurt you which is good.

Most newbies go crazy and just swing wildly. It's quite funny actually. Otherwise looks like you're in good shape. You'll pick it up in no time once you get formal training. Remember though it's about discipline. One of the unwritten rules is to never use it outside of the dojo. After you train you feel like you can take on anyone...haha!
Thanks for your advice. I definitely have to practice some of those moves you mentioned. But ya he is pretty chill about the fight. He could have destroyed me if he had the chance. I gave it my all but I know with time, knowledge and experience I can improve. I've watched that video over and over again so as to observe my mistakes.

As far as a street fight. I actually don't ever have the mind set of starting a fight with someone outside of out sparring or an MMA fight. I just not that kind of guy, but thanks for the warning. I would imagine it to be very easy to think that once trained. But I always remember there is always a bigger faster and stronger guy.

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