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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
No matter how big you are, you Do NOT face off against Spartacus.

I think this is one of the best secrets on network tv. I don't know anyone watching it. I love it.

That looks pretty awesome I may give it a watch

Couldnt find the new episode of the ultimate fighter anywhere, but I finally found an HD version at the.. swashbucklers alcove


@ rauno

I said the same thing way back when I was dating this girl in band. Something to the effect of "I could get up there with a little stick and swing it like an idiot too". She said that it has to do with the harmony. Imagine you have 5 people trying to play an together, it'd be pretty easy for one or two to occasionally be a half second faster or shorter than they were suppose to be right? Now imagine instead of 5 people, that 100 people are playing together. Now you have 20-40 people going off a little bit now and then and it would probably sound terrible. But somehow the conductor is able to keep people in check etc. Or something like that we were close to sexy time so I wasn't really paying attention.

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