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I have been working on the technique circuits each day except for today.

I simply didn't have time to work them into my schedule.

I spent 4-5 hours at the plasma center and got $55, it was a painfully long day there...but at least I got a semi clear answer as to why I experience a strength advantage after donating.

One of the screening assistants was proposing that since I was loosing part of the make-up of our blood, that when the red-blood cells minus the plasma increases the concentration of red blood cells.

From what I understand about our blood and it's very little...if you have more red blood cells you'll be able to take in more oxygen and more nutrients I guess.

I got a nap from about 4pm till 6:30 and then got to basketball at 7 for a 2 hour series of games. I felt fine for the 1st hour, I know that I was moving quicker than normal.

There is one downside to this process just like trying to dope with whole blood, yes you will have an advantage...but you will gas-out quicker.

If tomorrow goes as planned I'll work outside for the store doing more construction, and I'll be off by 2-4pm. I could get a nap in till 5 and then go blast on the bag.

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